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The Falcon Pistol (I have no idea what the official model number is) was the first gun I bought.  in my first game I used it against a Gas Blow Back Glock 18c.  What a rookie mistake...
    I have no idea what gun Falcon tried to model this after.  It looks more like a 1911 than anything else.  Falcon is not one of the best manufacturers on the market.  They are notorious for poor manufacturing.  Though a few of my team mates like the Falcon MP-5, I HATE  this pistol with a passion. 
  The rest of this article will be almost nothing but bashing on this gun.
    This is about the only good thing about this gun.  It looks decent, more like a Colt 1911 on steriods.  You can find them in both silver and clear.  The orange tip is spray painted on, but even that was done poorly.
  Combat performance:
     That's a joke, right?  Combat performance??  DO NOT BUY THIS GUN UNLESS YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET SOMETHING CHEAP JUST TO GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR TO AIRSOFT!!!  The quality of the ABS plastic on this gun is not too bad, but no way near that of the Cybergun or KWA products.  The overall construction is HORRID.  Except for the spring, I doubt there is a single metal part in the Falcon.  I dropped this gun from hip height onto pavement three times and it started to come apart at the seams, literaly.  At that point, the mechanisim that held the clip in the butt was rendered inoperable.  To pervent the clip from falling out, I had to use medical tape to secure it.
  The magazine for this pistol is probably the best part.  It has a pseudo speedload system, but lacks an upper ammo release lever that would allow for bbs to be dumped directly into the clip.  You must instead drop a slide on the magazine, lock it in place, then commence to hand feed the clip.  It does hold 14 rounds, a moderate clip size, so you won't run out of ammo as fast as you would with the KWA 1911.  Unfortunately, you will use more than your 14 rounds to get a single kill. 
  Range and accuracy are also severly lacking in this pistol.  The gun shoots about 15 yards, then drops like a rock.  I got rid of my Falcon a while ago, so I can't say much about the velocity.  I don't believe that it was too impressive.  Accuracy is a joke.  BBs go the specified 15 yards, then fly just about any direction you can think of, so it is not possible to arc you shots effectively.
  The Verdict:
    Once again, please, do not buy this pistol unless you are on a super tight budget.  It usualy retails for around $15 and might not be worth that.  I honestly would suggest a Sig P-230 or PT-Milenium instead if money is an issue.  The only thing this gun is good for is super-close CQB.  Even then it is not that effective or reliable.
  Our Final Opinion:
    Loud, modest capacity clip, poor range and accuracy, poor quality construction.  Leave this gun behind the counters at Big 5 where it belongs.  Get more bang for your buck with just about ANYTHING else.

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