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KWA Glock 18C
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The Glock 18c, made famous by Lawrence Fishburn who played Morpheus in 'The Matrix Reloaded' is one of the more legendary of the modern pistols. The real steel version is a semi and full auto select fire 9mm pistol that is perfect for providing serious firepower in a compact form. KWA has created a Gas Blow Back (GBB) version for airsoft. So the question is, did KWA do the 18c justice in it's reproduction?


As is usually standard with airsoft guns, this is a ful 1-1 replica. The lower reciever of the gun is plastic, but the clip and slide are metal. in the looks category, we give it an A+.

Combat performance:

This gun holds its own in battle. It is accurate for a hangun, and usually cronos at around 300 FPS and as high ad 310. It's nice and weighty, solid, and is for the most part jam-free. It comes with an under the barrel mount, and a selector switch, which can be used to make the gun safe, semi-auto, and an ungodly full-auto mode. Full auto is a quick and less accurate way to empty your mag, but it makes a good "spray and pray" weapon that can be weilded in a second's notice, especially when you have a hi-cap mag that holds 50 BBs.

The Verdict:

This is a fantastic gun. It feels good in the hand, preforms well, and is one of the most versatile GGB guns I've had my hands on. If you're looking for a gas blow-back gun that is a little pricey but well worth it, pick up this gun, and enjoy the reactions you recieve when you switch this peice of work to full-auto. To the guys at KWA who designed this gun, mission accomplished, job well done.

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