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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association

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Our next game is Sunday, October 9th!

Games are generally held twice a month on Sundays from 1:00 PM to no later than sunset. E-mails will be sent to registered members a week in advance of the game. Games will be cancelled if the Weather Channel reports 50% chance of rain and higher or temperatures of 85 degrees and higher or if the minimum of 8 players is not met. For this reason it is imperative that registered members reply back to the Association administration no later 48 hours before game start to let us know if they will be able to make a game or not. A go/no-go e-mail will be sent the day before a game (or sooner) to let players know if the game is still on or if it was canceled.

Guns and goggles will be available to rent at each game for $2 each for the day. First-Timers will be able to borrow equipment for free for their fist game. Ammunition will also be availiable to purchase. $2 for a 1000 round bag of .12 gram bbs and $3 for a 1000 round bag of .20 gram bbs.


Players registered for Sunday, October 9th.
There are currently 25 registered players! We are no longer registering new players, game is FULL.
Game Status = Go

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The new Tennis Ball Bazooka will be unveiled! Don't miss it!

* Denotes FAAPA Staff and Administration Personel
+ Denotes players who require loaner guns.
# Denotes spectators.

#1: * James Hamblin
#2: * Chuck Durham
#3: * Josh Gordon
#4: * Joe Spence
#5: + Serge Chikanov
#6: + Jenny Brown
#7: + Matt Burke
#8:  Max Pitner
#9:  Jared Milnes
#10:  Sean
#11-13:  Anthony Wagoner (+ two additional players)
#14:  Dane
#15:  Tim Camara
#16:  +Joey
#17:  +Chris
#18:  +Katie Durham
#19:  +Lorena Durham
#20:  +Liz
#21:  +Justin
#22:  Charles Rieken
#23:  + Joe
#24:  Stephen
#25:  +Max

Note that if your name is not listed above, we have not recieved your RSVP.  We need this info to plan accordingly for loaner guns and what kinds of scenarios we will play.  Email us at to RSVP at least 48 hours before the next game. If you are bringing friends, make sure to give us their names as well. We are putting a limit of 24 registered players on each game. We may raise or lower this limit in the future.

Stick around after the game for Pizza Night at Little Caesars'! This is a great way to get to know fellow players off of the field. $3 gets you all of the pizza you can eat and soda you can drink.