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UTG MP5 A4/5
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We were very excited when we heard this was coming out on the market, an affordable TM quality AEG! We had to pick one up, of course. But is it worth the super cheap price?


The MP5 is one of the most recognizable sub-machine guns in the world, mainly because is used by almost every special-forces and counter-terrorist group and is also seen in just about any movie with firearms. One of the reasons it is so popular is because it is smaller, versatile, and comes in a wide amount of versions.


The UTG MP5 is 1:1 scale replica of its real counterpart. It comes with two stocks, a collapsible and a full stock which can be switched out with little trouble (you wouldn't do it on the field as there are small parts you could lose, of course). The gun is mostly plastic, but in this case it's a pro, rather than a con.

Combat performance:

This is a cheaper gun ($100 cheaper than its TM counterpart), but except for it's mostly plastic body, it is identical, and what needs to be metal, is metal. It is out ranged by most guns. It was designed with close quarters combat in mind so don't expect to snipe anyone out with it. About all it is good for at range is spraying bbs at an enemy to make them put their head down. Another issue is the battery is located on the fore-grip. I had to change a battery mid-game and it was not fun. One really good thing about this gun is the fact it is extremly light-weight. Many people think it is too light to have a metal gearbox and are suprised to learn it does have one. However, because the body is mostly plasic, it is less durable than metal MP5s, but it is still very sturdy. It also comes with a battery and charger, a sling, two hi-capa mags holding 150 bbs each, and a claw-mount with railings on the top and left side so it can hold a decent amount of rail-mounted accessories. And of course, it comes with the both versions of stocks, which is handy as well

The Verdict:

This is a good gun with a great price. It is far from the best gun out on the field, but it will get you through. If you are thinking about getting into AEG battles but you're short on cash, you should consider picking this one up. If you have the money to spend on a better gun, I would recomend something else. If you already have an AEG, this might make a good side-arm for last ditch bb spraying, if you have an extra $180 to spend on it. With its two stock versions and amazing amount of included accessories, this is a good choice for new players who aren't too sure about what they are looking for in a gun, especially with its lower price and upgradeability.

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