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SW1911 Review

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The Sw1911 has been serving me for about three to four months. It has exceptional range, somewhere around 50 feet, and shoots extremely straight. I've shot people with it that I haven't been able to reach with my old Thompson. The sights have three white dots for easy aiming, and are sighted perfect out of the box. The clip capacity is small, topping off around twelve or thirteen, but the slide will lock to let you know that the clip is empty.

The body is a tactical grey, giving it an almost cynical look. The handgrips are plastic, but almost the entire gun is metal. There are only two parts besides the body that are plastic. It packs a huge punch and is extremely loud, making it a gun that will make people hit the dirt just at the sound.

The gun is a little pricey, topping off at $85 with an extra clip. Too much? Just remember, if you buy this gun, you'll never need another!

By Max Pitner

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