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Remnant Airsoft

The Remnant lives on...

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Our mission statement:
We seek to provide the best possible playing experience for our members and to train them to be quality, honorable airsofters who will have a positive influence on the airsoft community as a whole, hence bettering the game for all players in the bay.


Remnant Airsoft is one of the newer teams to the SF Bay Airsoft scene. Started in December of 2006, we are definitely up and coming. Most members are Juniors in High school or college students. One must understand that this is more than a team. It's a family, a band of brothers if you will. Honor and sportsmanship are our foundations and teamwork and co-operation are the walls that hold us up. The coming months should bring with them an increased presence of Remnant members at public fields, specifically Sequoia Airsoft and CQB City.

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The Remnants live on...