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Remnant Airsoft

Required Equipment

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Remnant Airsoft requires all members to own a variety of equipment to aid us on the field. There is no exceptions granted. Within three months of being accepted to RemAir, members must own and bring ALL of the following items to games.

#1: Primary longarm.

We are really looking for an AEG shooting over 260 FPS. For those looking to snipe, contact the team Executive Officer via the forums (Archangel). Snipers should be running under 550 for our private field and at or under 400 PFS for the CQB City games. Do note that the UHC Super 9 and UTG M324 are not acceptable sniper rifles with Remnant.

#2: Secondary weapon.

RemAir Command requires all members bring some sort of sidearm to ALL games, even woodland combat zones. We reccomend a Gas Blowback pistol or AEP. If you are short on cash, note that the Cyma Glock 18c can be found for $60. Shotguns, MP-5Ks and MP-7s are all also acceptable alternatives to traditional pistols. However it should be noted that such alternative secondary weapons are not allowed indoors at CQB City.

#3: FRS Radio

Our philosophy is that in all things, communication is key. Information is power. Hence, we require all members to own, bring and maintain in working order a FRS radio, aka 'Walkie Talkie'. This is CRITICAL to have for our private team games as well as for our non-mandatory games at public fields.

#4: Paintball Mask

Currently not required for our mandatory team games (ANZI 87+ goggles are the minimum), paint masks are HIGHLY recommended due to the high powered sniper rifles that are run on the field. ALL members must at least own their own mask and keep it in a safe, clean and functional condition.

#5: Holster for sidearm

I think that this is self explanatory. Holstering your weapon in a pocket or in your belt is unacceptable. Not only do you risk loosing or causing damage to your pistol and magazine, it just looks wrong. Remember, airsoft is MilSim, not Gangbanger-Sim. For those of you with shotguns as a secondary, please acquire either a scabbard or sling. MP-5K's should have a one point sling.

#6: Tactical Vest

All members are required to own and maintain in good order a tactical vest or a web belt system with sufficient pouches as to carry all needed ammunition, magazines etc. Some players such as our Executive Officer prefer web gear as it is lighter to carry and does not retain heat as bad as vests do. However, tactical vests also act as a form of airsoft Kevlar and hence are HIGHLY recommended for games at CQB City or any other CQC events. Do note that for those of you who own crossdraw vests, they do waive the requirement for an additional holster.

#7: Full Woodland BDU

Team uniform is Woodland. Not MARPAT, Multicam, ACU, Tigerstripe or Black. Woodland. Yes, we know that everyone and their mother uses it. Don't like the rule? Tough. That's what we use. It is the easiest found and cheapest cammo on the market. All players are expected to have and bring both upper an lower to ALL games in which we attend. The BDU should be military style. Sorry guys, no Wal-Mart 'ghetto-flauge'.

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