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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association


What is FAAPA?
Op: White Knight II
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FAAPA members often have excess used equpment.  We will make sure that anything listed here is in good condition before listing it.  We wouldn't stick you with a lemon of a gun or vest.  We have all had that experience at one time or another, hence we would never pass it on to you.
How To Order:
  E-mail us at and tell us what you wish to purchase.  Give us your full name, phone # (cell prefered) and address.  We accept cash ONLY unless otherwise stated.  From there we can discuss shipping and payment.  We prefer to meet face to face and make the delivery and payment on the spot.  It just seems easier.  Consiquently, we can only sell to you if you are willing to make it to the Fremont/Newark area.  For some items we will make exceptions to this.  Drop us a line and we will see what we can do for you.
FAAPA Members: 
  If you wish to post a gun or equipment for sale here, contact Chuck and give him a summary and photo of the gun to be posted online.  Photo must be in .jpg or .jpeg form.
For Sale:
  UHC USP + one mag.  Contact Dane or Max directly or through myself
  Camouflage Jacket, woodland, slightly faded: $5.
  Crossman Stinger R-30, new with custom camo paint job: $10

Crossman R 30