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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association

Operation: White Knight II

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Operation: White Knight II is scheduled for Saturday, August 20th, 2006

Mosul, Iraq 2009:

Al-Quaida and the rest of the world wide terrorist web have come together to form the M.B.A. (Muslim Brotherhood Alliance). Aided with arms supplied by Iran and Syria they have come to take back Iraq, city by city. Mosul has become the starting place. The civilian population have gotten word that all hell is about to break loose in the city and have hence evacuated. It is now a showdown between the 7th Marine Regiment and M.B.A. forces. Unfortunately for the 7th Marines, the world oil glut is hitting them hard as they no longer have enough fuel to operate thier M1A2 Abrams tanks or HUMEEs. There is only enough fuel avalible to allow limited operations of a small Blackhawk squadron. The fight is on. If the U.S. forces succeed in holding thier base camp and the city, it may bring an end to the hostilities in the region. If they fail, it could be a signal to all Muslims in the mid east that the time is right to re-take Iraq from coalition forces. The security of the entire middle east region is on the line. Who will be the victor? The world waits to see...

Saddle up boys and girls because Operation White Knight is back and badder than ever! If you thought that Op: Cold War in January was hardcore, you ain't seen nothin' yet! FAAPA is going all out on this event. New scenarios, better props, a better storyline and a few new surprises that just may blow your mind. Operation White Knight II will be one of FAAPA's crowning games, not to be forgotten. Don't miss out.

Registration dates:

Early registration ($10): June 20th - July 15th

Standard registration ($10): July 16th - July 29

Late Registration ($15) July 30th - August 12th

FAAPA reserves the right to change registration dates with or without notice to participants, as we are still in the planning stages for this event.

Full BBQ by Joe Spence
Special weapons
New scenarios utilising both upper and lower fields
HUGE raffle. Grand prize: UTG MP-5 or AK-47 AEG!


Update: Op: Cold War was very successful. The air was white with bbs as we had 25 players in attendance, the second biggest game FAAPA has ever hosted. Teams where balanced, and the final scoreboard showed this with VC and US Forces winning two games each and earning a draw in one. Lunch was a great as Joe Spence treated us to his amazing BBQ skills. The raffle was even more impressive. We gave away nearly $430 worth of prizes, including tactical gloves, holsters, ranger vests, a load bearing vest and the grand prize, a KJW Glock 26 Gas Blow Back pistol with one can of green gas and a spare high-cap magazine. All in all, this was our best game to date! Look foreward to Operation White Knite 2.0 on August 12th, 2006!