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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association


What is FAAPA?
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Have Questions?  Want to Join the FAAPA?  E-mail us!!!

Drop us an E-mail at the address listed below.  We will get back to you within a day or so and add you to our mailing list so you can receive updates on upcoming games!

Requirements for Membership:
  1. While we do have loaner guns for new players, it is HIGHLY recomended that you provide your own weapons for yourself. Spring-loaded long-arms are weapons of choice. If you are having troulbe picking out your first airsoft weapon, do not hesitate to ask another player for recomendations! You may also want to check out the gun reviews section.
  2. Your gun MUST have a RED or BLAZE ORANGE tip.  This is not just us, but is also Federal Law.  Don't have a tip?  Go to any Home Depot, OSH, Lowes, Ace Ect. and buy a can of ORANGE paint and make a MINIMUM 1/4 inch wide band on the end of the barel.  Use masking tape to protect the rest of your gun.
  3. Provide your own transportation to the field, or make arangements to carpool with other players (prefered).
  4. Bring your own eye protection!  This is a non-negotiable item. 

   Eye protection qualifies as:

Perscription eye glasses, Sun glasses, Saftey glasses/goggles or a Paintball mask.

Read our "Rules and Regulations" section for more info about what you need to know and do in order to play.

Thanks for visiting our site, we hope to see you out on the field!