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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association

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FAAPA Equipment
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This page displays various special and objective-based equipment that you may encounter and use during a game.

Firearms and Ammunition


The FAAPA will almost always have ammo available for purchase out on the field. Prices are currently $3 for a 1,000 round bag of .20g bbs.

Loaner Guns

We currently stock two Crosman Stinger S-30 shotguns and one HFC MP-5 A5. Loaners will be available most games at no cost for your first 3 games. Always remember: You break it, you buy it!


Heavy Machine Gun

We currently employ a BE-Tech AUG LPEG modified to use a Tokyo Marui 330 round hi-cap and 2300 MaH 9.6 Nun-Chuk batteries as our stand in for an M-60 or M-2. It comes out every few games and man alive does it pump out the rounds!

Other Equipment

Team Flags
Each team has its own color, either Red or Blue. Team flags are used for various things, from capture the flag type games to control point games, in which the color of the flag displayed shows which team controls the control point.

Unit Patches
Not realy true FAAPA group equipment, but by the July 2nd game they should be in. Custom made for us in Pensylvania with a design put together by out treasurer. Each member will be issued one and be able to buy a second for an additional $5 if they have >1 set of BDUs. Pic comming soon.

Detonative Weapons


FAAPA games sometimes use grenades. These are used for clearing out bunkers and foxholes. Simply toss one into a bunker or foxhole and it kills anyone inside. However, grenades do not actually explode, so you can not use them to "frag" someone outside of a bunker or foxhole.

Satchel Charge

The satchel charge is a bomb in a bag. It is primarily used in "Bunker Assult" games to destroy the bunker. Tossing the Satchel into the bunker results in bunker destruction and a win for attackers. The satchel charge is currently being used to carry FAAPA ammo to the field, so we will be looking to pick up a replacement soon.

The Bazooka

AKA Thumper. The bazooka is an anti-personal weapon that fires 120 bbs in a single shot. Simply load, aim, and fire. Requires two people to operate (one to hold and another to load and fire). This weapon is generally only used in "Asymertical" objective based games. It will be used as a stand in for an SA-7 "stinger" shoulder fired missile during Op: White Knight 2 as a means to shoot down the helicopter.


Thumper Grenades

Bunker Busting Bazooka
A tennis ball launching bazooka used primarily for busting bunkers. Runs on 12 gram Co2 cartriges (1 per shot!), so it can get expensive. Will be used during Op: White Knight 2 to destroy the Marine's machinegun turret.


Ammo for the Bazooka


Our mortar AKA 'Bambi' is fully operational, using Madbull green gas powered 40 mm grenades. Effective range of ~85 feet, it will rain down white plastic death in a 100 square foot blast zone. Currently just an anti-personell weapon, but may be converted to use Madbull Foam Slug grenades for use against hard targets in the future.

All of the equipment you see here is bought with money from the FAAPA general fund. This is what your Pay-to-play money goes to!