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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association

FAAPA Members list

What is FAAPA?
Op: White Knight II
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List of all active members within the FAAPA
* Denotes FAAPA Staff and Administration Personel

*Chuck D.- UTG M324 Master Sniper or UHC Super 9 Sniper and Powerline Airstrike 240 (M-9)

*Josh G.- Swiss Arms M-6 Black Eagle (UTG M-324) or Custom M-4 or Hardball II Shotgun and UHC Colt 1911.

*Tim C.- UTG M-324 Sniper, UHC Colt 1911

*James H.- Cybergun Thompson, Mini-Sig Sauer, Stinger S30 Shotgun

*Joe S.- UTG M324 Siper, UHC Colt 1911

*Brian W.- UHC Super 9 and UHC Desert Eagle

Dane- Pather Evolution, Cybergun Desert Eagle

Erik H.- Panther AR-15 and/or UTG M-87 Combat Shotgun, UHC Colt 1911

Max P.- Cybergun Thompson, High Grade Smith and Wesson 1911 or UHC 4 inch revolver.

Amanda S.- Crossman Stinger S-30 shotgun and UHC Deagle or KWC Sig 229 or Y&P Glock 19

Chris G.- CYMA M-500 cruser shotgun or Cybergun FAMAS or UHC MP-5 and EBB Glock 18c

Lance S.- HFC M-16 and UHC Desert Eagle

Mike B.- S&W M3000 shotgun (UTG M870) and KWC M-9

Chauncey B.- Cybergun FAMAS

Dasha- Cybergun FAMAS

Mike D.- UTG M870, UHC MP-5

Steven L.- UTG M-324 Master Sniper

Rick G.- UTG M870

Ryan G.- UTG M870

Gunnar H.- UTG M870, Uzi Pistol

Tyler C.- Cybergun FAMAS

Max C.- UHC Hardball II, UHC Desert Eagle