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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association

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As airsoft players, we understand the pain of buying spring, Mini and Boys AEG in stores and online and having to wonder "is this thing actualy gonna be reliable for me in combat??"  We put this section together as a guide to airsoft players and shoppers to give our unbiased opinions of how selected guns REALY perform in combat conditions.  We have made the mistakes so you don't have to...
Check back often for more reviews as members buy and test new airsoft guns.
MEMBERS:  If you have a gun that we do not have a review on as of yet, please write one and send it to the Association e-mail address so we can post it.

Spring Guns

Cybergun Thompson M1A4

Cybergun Walther P-99

KWA Tanfoglio Witness 1911

Falcon Pistols

Mini Electrics

kwa commando


Crossman Stinger

UTG 870 Shotgun


Panther AR-15 Evolution

Gas Guns

KWA Glock 18C

Auto Electric Guns

UTG MP5 A4/5