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Cybergun Thompson M1A4 review

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  This gun is a real FAAL classic.  We got it in September and it has been kicking ass and taking dog tags ever since.
  The Thompson, AKA Tommygun is an American icon.  It served on both sides of the law in the 1920's and 30's.  In the 40's it could be found in use in both Europe and in the Pacific by Allied forces.  In the 50's it made it's way to the battlefields of Korea.  I have to double check this, but I believe that it even saw limited action in Vietnam.  Allong with the Winchester 1887, Colt 1911 and the Peacemaker, it is what we all think of when someone says that they like American guns.  Question is, does the spring version live up to its real steel predicesor?
  This gun is a full 1:1 replica of the original Tommy and includes all the original trademarks.  The gun I personaly own is the clear version (they only stock clear guns @ Big 5), but the black version should be just as detailed.  The wood handgrips are a touch cheesy, as the grain patterns are not that apparent, but it is not bad enough to detract from the general look of the gun. Overall, no problems here.
Combat performance:
  In the FAAL, when you see me and my Tommy round a corner, you should reconsider your strategy before deciding to duke it out with me.  This gun has everything you could ask from a spring SMG.  Actualy, with it's size, it is almost an Assualt rifle.  For those of you who like the manuverabity of an SMG but crave the larger size and feeling of battle rifle, this is the way to go.  It realy is the best of both worlds.
  So the size is right, but what about the range and power?  Ask no more.  This rifle easily outranges just about everything by Cybergun.  The only  spring gun that I have seen out-range it was the Panther AR-15.  I am not sure about the UHC Super 9 Pro V1.  Max range all depends on how much you want to arc your shots.  I have gotten kills at 20-30 yards with it.  Power-wise, it blew through a single sheet of cardboard 8 ft away when I got it and the springs were new.  Do remember that your springs will not last forever and will slowly lose power.
  The capacity of this gun can only be described as outrageous.  The magazine features a 400 round resivoir that will drop ammo right into the loader.  The loader carries about 25 rounds.  To reload, drop slide a plastic slide all the way to the bottom of the clip untill it locks, tilt the gun up and shake it.  BBs flow from the resivoir into the loader.  Once you are done, simply hit a button on the bottom of the clip to release the spring on the loader.  It works much like an MP-5 clip.  All in all, with some practice you can reload in about 5-10 seconds.  And with the massive resivior, I have NEVER ran out of ammo in a game, even though tend I spray rounds All over.
  The other great thing about this SMG is the way the cocking mechanisim works.  It is a simple knob on the top of the gun that you pull back to chamber and charge the spring.  If you get real good at your timing down right, you can pump out rounds fast enough to use this as a SAW in a spring battle.
The Verdict:
  This was the best $100 I have spent on a spring gun EVER.  The only down side to this beauty is lies in the fact that the plastic around the cocking knob can be realy rough.  For me, it was bad enough to warrant wraping the knob in medical tape to protect my hands.  Other than that, I would recomend this gun to anyone who is even somewhat serious about spring Airsoft.  Cybergun definitely did this American classic justice.

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