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KWA Tanfoglio Witness 1911
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This, like the M1A4 is one of the older guns still in operation with the FAAL.  Like the Tommy, it still packs a punch.
    This is a mock up of one of the many knock offs of the original Colt 1911.  It seems that several companies are making real steel reproductions of the 1911.  I wish a knew some interesting facts about this particualr re-make, but I don't.  But who cares?  You want to know more about the Airsoft version than the real steel one.
    The KWA definitely has the look of the original 1911.  The one we hae has a semi-gloss black ABS body with wood colored handgrip panels.  A silver hammer and a metal stainless steel/aluminum looking shell ejection port make this gun look like real, almost.  The orange tip is permanantly affixed the the barrel.  If it were not for this, the gun would be a try beauty.  I personaly like the look of the UHC Colt 1911 better, but the KWA is nothing to scoff at iether.
  Combat performance:
    For a $25 spring handgun, the Tangoglio Witness Colt is a decent gun.  It has a buttload of power up close.  It WILL break the draw blood if you hit someone on bare skin at about 6-7 feet.  I know this from being on the recieving end.  At longer ranges (10-15 yards) it is VERY effective.  Depending upon the ammo you out into it, this gun can be quite accurate in CQB scenarios.    At true long range (20-25 yards) don't expect too much.  This gun has more range than the UHC Colt, but is is NOT a longarm. 
  Something else that perspective buyers should know about this gun is that it is LOUD!  It just may be the loudest spring gun I have ever heard, so don't think for a second about using this for nailing someone quietly then dropping back without anyone knowing where you are.
  Good points about this gun's design are not hard to find.  What I love about it is the simplicity of the design.  Unlike other pistols, it does not have a bunch of switches to mess with and the saftey is amazingly simple.  It consists of a locking lever that pushes up on the left hand side of the gun that pervents the slide from moving back and chambering a bb and also locks the trigger to prevent accidental discharge.  The saftey can be switched on and off with surprizing eaze and speed.  As for the magazine, it also can be dropped with the press of a button on the handgrip, just behind the trigger.
  The magazine is the one spot where I have a complaint.  It is small, at least compared to the UHC Colt and Cybergun Deagle, holding only 12 rounds.  Of course the original military issue 1911 held a tiny 7 shots, so this may not be much to complain about.  Also, extra clips are hard to find.  The only option for exras in the Fremont area is to go online to suppliers such as or  The mag does have one good quality to it:  an awesome speedload system.  I for one prefer this speedload system to that of the PT-92's.  The slide is easy to use and has yet to jam on me.
  The Verdict:
    For an open field sidearm, this is a decent gun for the money.  A Deagle would be better, but if you HATE the current 'Deagle-mania', this might be a good alternative.  I believe that it is on par with a PT-92/M-9.  This is my weapon of choice.  The massive power and sound make most people duck at close range.  The simplicity make it almost taylor made to carry safed in a holster.  It's range allows you to hold your own and then some with most every spring pistol.  The speedload allows for quick reloading if you can put a bit of distance between your opponent and you. 
  Our Final opinion:  Good overall gun that just begs to be used as a fearsome sidearm.

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