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MINIS!!! Cute little 1:3 replicas of Real Steel rifles. A whole ot of fun!

There are too many minis out on the market for us to write reviews on each and every one of them. They are all about the same in performance, looks and everything else we look at here. The mini is a lot of fun to play with, that is undenyable, but are they meant for battlefield use? That is the question. We have the answer.

Whatever type of rifle you like, whether it be an AK-47, M-16, MP-5, AUG, G-33 or Uzi, you can find it in Mini form (Sorry, no M-60 version). All minis are about 1:3 size. This means that they are more like pistols than anything else. Most measure 12 inches, while the MP-5 is 11 inches. Minis are generaly well detailed. They can be found in full color and clear formats.


  Combat Performance:
    While the mini is an electric gun, do not confuse it with the Tokyo Marui Boys AEG series.  They are not the same thing.  The whole concept of a mini is that is uses 4 AA batteries, usualy housed in the handgrip.  The mini has one fire mode- Full Auto.  Having an automatic gun in such a small package for so cheap (about $35) does come with a price.  Minis are notorious for low velocity (110 PFS advertised) and short range (10-15 yards MAX).  So why buy a mini??
  Here is the answer.  While a mini is unquestionably a CQB only gun, it does this task better than juist about anything else out there.  Most minis hold 60-80 rounds, while the AUG version holds a stunning 250.  These guns will empty that 60 round magazine in 5-8 seconds.  This is an INSANE rate of fire in the middle of a springer war.  With that rate of fire, the mini is used as a 'spray-and-pray' weapon.  One quick burst will make just about anyone duck at close range.  If done properly, a devistating ambush could be set up using several minis at once.
  The Verdict:  Fun for around the house plinking.  A high capacity resivoir  and automatic fire make this a questionable weapon on the field.  Don't expect any long range shots, but you can create mass havoc at close range.  Low FPS means your target will more likely see the hit than feel it though, so don't fire blindly and call others out when you nail them.
  Our Final Opinion:  If you are a CQB specialist, you MUST have a mini in your gear bag.  Great for those who like to sneak around and get up close and personal or as a sidearm for snipers, but not recomended for any other application.

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