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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association

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HRT (Hostage Rescue Team)and Downed Pilot Variant
Synopsis-  Al Quaida has taken over the US embasy in Pakistan, kidnapped a VIP and is holding hostage near the Afghan border.  Taking notes from the Iraqi insurgents, Osama has demanded that the US either release all detainees at Guantanamo Bay or the VIP will be killed.  In accordance with Bush's hard line on terror, the US can not and will not negotiate.  In response, Delta Force has been dispatched to conduct thier own 'agressive negotiations' and rescue the VIP. 
Downed Pilot Variant: Al Quaida has shot down an F-16 and the pilot has survived. Both Al Quaida and Delta Force are fighting for control over the pilot.  
  Game Set up:
VIP starts out with the Al Quaida operatives.
He may WALK ONLY and is unarmed. Al Quaida members go out with the VIP and attempt to evade Delta. 
  Delta starts at the Staging area.  To rescue the VIP, Delta must get within 20 feet of him command the VIP to come with him. Delta's objective is now to escort the VIP to the extraction point at the staging area.
Downed Pilot Variant: Instead of the pilot starting with Al Quaida, but instead goes out 3 minutes before the game starts and hides. Both teams then must find the pilot, with Al Quaida having a two-minute headstart.
Game Time:  30 minutes
Spawn points:  TBD
Extraction Point:  Staging Area
Spawn Time:  5 minutes.

Team one:  Delta Force
Size: 50% -1 of all players
Armaments:  Weapons of Choice
Objective:  Rescue the Ambassador and escort him safely to the Extraction Point.

Team three:  Ambassador/Pilot
Team size: One
Armaments:  None untill armed by Delta Operators
Objective:  Primary:  Dont Die.
Secondary:  Be rescued by Delta.
Tertiary:  Make it to the extraction point.

Team two:  Al Quaida
Team size:  50% of players
Armaments:  Weapons of Choice
Objectives:  Primary:  Prevent Delta Force from rescuing the Ambassador.
Secondary:  (If Primary Failed)  Eliminate the Ambassador before he is moved to the extraction point. 

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