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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association

Operation White Knight

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Don't Miss the Big One!!!
  You have heard us fantasizing about it, now it is a reality!  FAAPA will be hosting a large theme type game, similar to those hosted by large AEG fields.  The theme for the game will be Delta Force Vs. Al-Quaida in Afghanistan.  Players will be split into permanant teams at the beginning of the day based mainly on uniforms, but also skill and weaponry.  Expect to have a progressive storyline for the day.  We should have between 6-9 games during the day that allow the story to unfold.  The outcome of each game will effect what happens in the following scenario.  One new thing that we will have out on the field is a FULLY FUNCIONAL, GREEN GAS POWERED AIRSOFT BAZOOKA!  YOU DON"T WANT TO MISS THIS CRAZY THING!!! Expect photos soon.
     Myself and Joe Spence will also be hosting a BBQ lunch at the staging area, consisting of hamburgers, potentialy hot dogs, chips and sodas.  Sometime during the day we will also have a raffle for airsoft guns and tac gear.  How crazy the raffle prizes get all depends on how many attendees we have.  See below for more details.

  Myself and Joe Spence are setting a $10 cost per person for this event.  The entry fee will cover your lunch as mentioned above and ONE raffle ticket.  Do note that NO ONE is exempt from this fee.  Believe me, We are not making money off this, if anything myself, Joe and Erik will end up digging into our own pockets to pull this off.  Payments should be made on Game Day in cash to Chuck Durham and/or Joe Spence.
Date:  August 13th
  Start time is TENATIVELY at 9:30 Am.  We need you AT THE STAGING AREA AT THIS TIME.  PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE!!!  If you intend to be late, please notify myself, Joe or Eric ASAP.  End time is kinda open right now.  Expect it to end at about 6, but this could change.
  We MUST have a MINIMUM of 15 players registered by July 30, two weeks before the event.  If we do not get the minimum 12-15 RSVPs by the 30th, the event will be canceled.  We need this two week period to prep and buy food. 
Late Registration:
  We would prefer you NOT to do this, but if you have a situation that prevents you from RSVPing by the 30th, please let myself or Joe know.  Let us know wether you plan to attend NO LATER THAN August 11th.  This is a solid deadline.

E-mail us your RSVP here. Include your name, phone #, e-mail, total # of persons you are RSVPing for and how many of them will need weapons. Click here to be linked to Chuck Durham's e-mail.

Revision:  Teams will no longer be made by uniform, but with a game day draft.  Team captains will be decided and teams picked from there to ensure balanced teams.
New Players:
  As always, we openly invite and accept new players, even if they lack any equipment at all.  If you are or plan to bring new players, please let us know ASAP.  Please provide weapons for them if you can.  If you can't, let us know and we will do the best we can to help you out.
Loaner Guns:
  A limited number of loaner rifles and likely pistols will be avalible on game day.  These will be avalible on a first come, first serve basis.  These may or may not be high grade weapons.  Click below for a list of loaner rifles currently avalible.  This list will be updated as more information becomes avalible.
Acceptable Weapons:
  The usual rules will be in place as far as weapon restrictions go with one exeption:  We MAY allow gas pistols.  This will be voted on on the field before the first game, so if you own gas guns, please bring them.
Things to bring:
  #1:  Saftey Goggles, Paint Mask, Sun Glasses, Perscription eyeware.  Just get those eyes covered!
  #2:  $10 registration fee.
  #3:  Spring/ Boys AEG rifle(s) (Highly recomended.  Spring Pistols can't keep up with rifles)
  #4:  Spring Pistol(s)
  #5:  Any tactical gear you feel you need.
  #6:  LOTS of H2O.  We will have SOME, but not enough for every one.  It will likely be HOT!!!
  #7:  Solid boots or athletic shoes.
  #8:  Hand Held Walkie talkies (if possible)
  #9:  Digital Watch with stopwatch (if possible)
  #10:  Any camoflauge clothing you may own.
  #11:  Sun Screen
  #12:  MINIMUM 2000 rounds of ammo.  .20 gram ammo usualy works best.  (Believe me, you will need every one of the 2000 rounds, if not more)

E-mail us any questions you may have about Operation White Knight. Include your e-mail address and we will get back to you ASAP. Just click here.

List of registed players for Operation White Knight

List of loaner rilfes avalible for Operation White Knight