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Crossman Stinger Review
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The Crossman S30 shotgun is a staple of the airsoft experience. It closely resembles the Russian Spas-12 combat shotgun, but not close enough for us to consider it a replica there of.


Like we said before, this rifle closely resembles a shorty Spas-12. If you want a Wall Hanger Spas, you will be sorely dissapointed, so try the Chinese version for a true replica. It is also a CLEAR weapon, though easily painted in black, camo or just about anything you want.

Crossman Stinger Shotgun, with custom camo paint job.



This is a very solid gun. It holds 50 bullets, but can annyoing to reload in the middle of a game. They fire VERY fast, thanks to its "Slam Fire" action. It shoots medium-range, but it well makes up for it with it's speed. One major problem with this gun is that BBs have a tedency to fall out of the firing chamber and into the gun itself. This is because cocking the gun leaves the chamber unsealed, allowing BBs to fall out, which of course makes it so the next time you fire it dones't shoot. The loose BBs are then free to bounce around the inside of the rest of the gun, making noise and sometimes getting stuck in the firing mechanisms. It only seems to happen when you "shotgun" the rifle (loading multiple BBs into the chamber so it fires multiple shots at once) because it overflows the chamber.

The Verdict:

This is a great entry-level gun. It is cheap at 29 dollars at Walmart in Fremont (Yes, we said Walmart) or about $35-$50 at Big-5 and is easy to use with it's high-rate of fire. It is not a terribly accurate shooter, but at medium distances it will hold it's own. For those of you that already have a more expensive rifle, it makes a great sidearm and is a force to be reckoned with in frantic close quarters combat. Every player's arsenal deserves an S30. Just ask anyone in FAAPA, most of us own one ourselves.

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