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UTG 870 shotgun
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We originally bought a couple of these as raffle prizes for White Knight. Were we in for a big suprise!
The original 870 MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun) is a Remington built shotgun that has interchageable parts for varrying combat situations, naturally making it a choice shotgun for various U.S. military and law-enforcemet agencies.
The UTG airsoft version is not an exact replica. It mimics it at best, with some obvious differences. It is also not MCS, but it is available in pistol-grip and full-stock versions.
Combat performance:
This gun holds up very well in combat. It has extremely high FPS for a spring gun (290 advertised), incredible range, accuracy, and rate of fire thanks to it's "Slam Fire" action. If it wasn't for it's poor clip capacity of 20 rounds, this could hold its own in AEG battles. This also causes you to run out of ammo quickly. An added bonus is it's "tri-rail" setup, allowing you to add on plenty of rail accesories.
The Verdict:
The only thing that keeps this shotgun from being an absolute "must-have" it's poor clip capacity. If you're willing to pick up a couple of extra mags, we highly recomend this shotgun. Do yourself a favor and pick this up, we can see this challenging the Crossman Stinger as the FAAPA standard for shotguns.

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