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Fremont Area Airsoft Players' Association

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Archived FAAPA News:

Operation: Cold War is coming! This is our next big theme game. Check out the Cold War page for details.

After the last couple of games, a few of us have been going to Little Caesars' for pizza. We are thinking about having "Pizza Nights" after every other game so that members can get to know eachother off of the field. We would ask for $3 a person which would get you all of the pizza and soda you want.

We have also added a polling page. A lot of issues have cropped up recently, and we need to know how everyone feels about them. Poles currently include:
UTG Moratorium - Do you think it's a good idea?
Proposed Play to Play - Would you be willing to fork over a few bucks each game?
Pizza Night - Would you want to attend Pizza Night?
Ammo - Is it worth saving a trip to the store to buy ammo at the field?
Special Equipment Project - Which special project would you like to see completed next?
Go vote now about what you think, and if you have anything you would like to add, ask, or bring up, email the assocation!
We now have pictures from sunday's game in the photo section, check them out! From now on game photos will be divided up by date for easy browsing.
So far we are getting positive feedback about the moratorium on the UTG shotguns and mixed responses about the proposed play-to-play rule. Keep sending us your opinions!
Effective immediately there is a moratorium on the use of UTG m87 shotguns. This means that if you do not already own one as of 12:00 noon on 9/26/05, please do not buy one for use in spring games, we believe these were actually made for use in gas and AEG games. The UTG shotguns are just too powerful on the field and make almost every weapon obsolete, and we are afraid this will force most everyone to buy one, which would eliminate the weapon diversity that makes airsofting so great. UTG is releasing more weapons in the future, and if they and other producers come out with enough weapons that can stand up the the UTG we will lift the moratorium. Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to bring them out for use if you have already bought one, we won't keep you from using guns you've already spent your money on.

Another issue that has come up a lot recently is fundraising. The few people that have been pitching in all of the money for FAAPA equipment in the past are tired of doing so. We are looking at several ways to raise money for FAAPA for future projects and special weapons:

1: Selling ammo - 1000 round bags of both .12 and .20 gram BBs will now be availiable for purchase at each game. .12s will cost $2 a bag and .20s will cost $3 a bag. This is a slight markup from what it costs to buy it in the store, but if you can't make it to buy your own before a game you can now buy it from us and help support your Association.
2: Rental fees on Equipment - We will now be charging a two dollar fee on any equipment available to use for the day, ranging from loaner guns to eye protection. This fee will be waived for first-timers and for special conditions, such as your weapon breaking down during a game. While we are now renting eye protection, it is still imperative that you try to bring your own! Use it as a last resort ONLY! You will not be allowed on the field with out eyeprotection, so don't even risk it.
3: Proposed play-to-play fee - Some of us are thinking about charging $1-$2 a game. However, this is not anywhere near becoming a reality. There still are plenty of kinks to work out and we will not make a decision untill we hear enough postitive feedback from players.
4: Donations - Of course we will always accept your donations.

Keep in mind that any money collected from players will go right into the FAAPA general fund and only be used to buy FAAPA equipment.

Which brings us to our next topic: The tennis-ball-bazooka. During our last game, we collected enough money to purchase a bazooka. Expect to see it on the field next game! We saw one in action out at Sequoia Airsoft the other week and these things are impressive. You won't want to miss this one! Register for the next game (october 9th) so you can see this peice of work in action!

We now have a few new items for sale in our Classified section, check it out for a good deal. Our game for the 25th is definately on. As of now we have at least 19 people registered, so it should be a spectacular game. Also note that we have created a new email address for the association: so update your address book as we will no longer be using the old FAAL email.
Our next game is slated for Sunday the 25th, however due to various reasons we are not sure if it will go through. Go ahead and sign up if you plan on making it because if we get enough people it will more than likely happen.
Also, we have recently met with someone who can build and sell us a tennis ball launching, CO2 powered bazooka that can fire around 100 feet. We could use this as an alternative to the satchel charge in bunker buster, and maybe even come up with some new scenarios based around the use of it. It would cost around $30-$50 dollars estimated, so we're going to need everyone to pitch in if we're going to pick one up. E-mail the association if you are willing to back this up.
Also note that I've created Gas and AEG sections on our gun reviews pages and added a few reviews to each section, so you may want to check them out. And as always, if you have a gun that we don't have a review for, write one and send it to us so we can post it. We are especially lacking on gas and AEG reviews.
One final thing is that this week Chuck is quite litterally swamped with things he needs to do, so please, don't call him. If you need to contact him, email the Association.
Yesterday we held our first high-FPS gas/AEG game. The purpose of this game was to see if our field was fit for such games, and is it ever. The game was awesome, and everything went off with out a hitch. We are now one step closer to officially instating the Electric Division and getting some AEG games underway! We would like to thank everyone who made it out yesterday. Also, keep checking the Gun Reviews section for information on gas and AEG guns as members buy and try them out.
The new UTG MP5 is here! If you do not have an AEG, and want to get into electic games, this is a great opprotunity to pick up a great AEG for cheap! Normally $175, they are being offered at a special introductory price of as low as $120. These are comparable to Tokyo Mauri MP5s, the only difference is the muzzle and front sight are made of plastic to reduce the cost. Everything that needs to be full metal is. It is upgradeable and compatible with other MP5 parts. It also comes with everything you'd need to get started (mags, batteries, etc). Check it out at either or

Also, please note that if you need to call Chuck, do it between 9:00pm and 10:00 pm except for Wednesday. While he is more than happy to answer questions, he is becoming overwhelmed by people calling him constantly throught the day and it is starting to cause problems. Don't forget that you can always use e-mail too. We are also working on getting a forum set up for the website, which will not only make it easier to contact other players, but will also enhance existing areas of the site. More on that later.

Due to a recent increase in members who own gas guns and AEGs, FAAPA is considering the formation of an Electric Division. The Electric Division would allow us to host games that allow the use of AEGs and other high-FPS weapons which is something most of us have hoped would one day be possible. So far we are planning on having one game a month be an electric game. Do not worry spring gunners! Spring games will still be held twice a month and we do not plan on forgetting about you. This organization was founded by springers with the intent of providing games to the mostly neglected spring-gun owners. Anyone who owns an electric or other high FPS weapon should contact Association administration to let us know if you are interested and to share your ideas. We have a basic idea of where we're going with this, but new imput is always welcome. We hope to have the Electric Division set up soon so we can start organizing electric games.

For those of you who are looking to upgrade your armaments to AEGs and get in on this, we will soon be posting reviews of guns we have gotten our hands on to give you an idea about what is worth spending your money on. And as always, don't hesitate to ask someone if you have any questions.

This is just to let you know that yes, the site is going through some MAJOR revamping. A lot of the stuff on here was back from the days of the FAAL, and most of that didn't reflect what FAAPA is today. We have gone through every corner of the website, fixing and updating everything, getting rid of outdated and now useless sections, and adding in new sections, such as the handy Field Map and Directions page. Take a moment to look though the site and check out the changes.
FAAPA would like to thank everyone that was able to make it out to White Knight. Things went well and we have you to thank for making this event possible. We look forward to planning more of these kinds of events in the future.
The association is still selling ammo bags containing 1000 .12s for two bucks. These will be sold at games for those of you who can't make it out to supply stores yourselves and need to pick up some ammo. Keep in mind that we do have a limited supply each game and that they are sold on a first come first serve basis, so use it as a last resort. We are also still offering to spray paint guns in either solid or cammo green, black, tan and/or brown. Pricing is $2 for pistols (no electric blowbacks!), $3 dollars for longarms, and $4 for oversized rifles, such as snipers. Moving parts will be masked off as best as possible, but keep in mind you have us do this at your own risk! Guns can be picked up at the next game, or dropped off at your home if you live close enough.
Existing members absolutely need to contact the Association by e-mail ( so that he can obtain your email address. The association is tired of having to call several people each week to organize games and would much rather mass-e-mail. New members and people looking to join the association are also highly encuraged to e-mail the Association Manager so we can get you in and playing as soon as possible.
That's all for now, check back here for future updates.
Subject:  My Frustrations
    Most of you who check this site often need not hear this, as you already know, but read this anyway.  We are having problems getting solid commitments from players as to thier GO/NO GO attendance status prior to gameday.  We are also having issue with getting enough persons on the field to justify games.  I wish to ask you all to PLEASE attempt to make as many games as possible and be better about not leaving us hanging on your game-day status.  I would also like to note that these problems are driving me crazy.  I have recently put somewhere around $160 of my own money into FAAPA and asked nothing for it... untill now.  This is an association of players and requires ALL of us to pull together to make it work.  I can't make this work on my own.  I NEED YOUR HELP WITH YOUR ATTENDANCE!!!  My apolagies to those of you who have regular jobs or family/life issues that prevent you from attending.
Subject:  Ammunition
    For those of you who are new players or just tend to run out of ammo on the field, we will now be selling 1000 round bags of .12 gram ammo at the games for $2 per bag.  We currently have 13 bags in stock.  We will attempt to keep a minimum of 5 bags on hand at any given time.
Subject:  New Digital camera
    Good news, we now have a digital camera so that we can post game photos online.  Check out the photo galery for sample images fromthis camera.
Subject:  Weapon Camo
  Chuck will now start offering a weapon painting service.  He will paint longarms for $3 each, pistols for $2 each and additional longarm mags for $0.50 each  Options are your choice of two of the following colors:  Flat Black, Flat Dark Green, Flat White, Matte Tan and Brown.  The paintjob includes a primer coat to ensure that your camo sticks to the weapon, the abovementioned paintjob and a clearcoat to protect the weapon.  Sorry, no Electric pistols due to the possibility of electrical shorts and abundance of delicate moving parts.  Contact Chuck through the Assn. e-mail.
Subject:  Big FAAPA Theme Game:  White Knight
  On August 13 (the day before the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII) we will be hosting a LARGE game on the field.  Details are still in the works, but check out the new page for this game often, as we will be putting up new details on it as they become avalible.

Hey everyone, Erik here. There are some issues that I would like to bring up and discuss. There are people currently involved with the association who have gas powerd pistols that never get a chance to use them, so a few of us were thinking of the idea of one game a month being a gas/springer game instead of spring only. If this rule passes, non-blow back gas pistols and gas can be purchaced for you if you cannot obtain one of the other.

Also, some of us would like to get an actual domain instead of a sub-domain (.tripod etc...), but we will need funding in order to purchace a domain name and pay for hosting.

Please send an e-mail to the league website with your comments on these issues.