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Panther AR-15 Evolution
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This gun is amazing. It comes standard with a 300 round hi-cap magazine. The hop up is adjustable, and the gun is accurate. I put a red-dot sight on mine to shoot better, and before that, I had a scope. The weapon has adjustable hop-up, and can have very long range. It has pinpoint accuracy under low wind conditions. Hiding and sniping aren't a good idea for this gun because it is rather loud. However, if you like to be a 'minute- man' this gun is for you.

The gun's six position stock is good for people of all sizes. The carrying handle can also come off, revealing a 1' weaver rail, for those who don't have a scope mount. The weapon is good sized, not too bit, but big enough to be intimidating. Some people dive into cover if I just point the gun at them. It doesn't have to be loaded (although it always is).

The gun is a bit on the heavy side, weighing in at 4.5 pounds. This makes the weapon have 'heft', and eventually you get so used to it, other guns seem super light. The nice thing about this gun is that there are a multitude of metal parts. There aren't just weights built into it. The entire stock yoke is metal, as well as the trigger and some other little bits inside.

The Panther Evolution is a good sized, hi-cap multi-purpose weapon that packs a punch. It doesn't come cheap, though. The gun, with shipping and all from Airsoft Atlanta, Inc. is $96. Not cheap. Also, the gun is very
'picky' about the BB's you feed it. It likes expensive ones, to be truthful, Anything else the gun spits out just fine, but with less accuracy and range. The clips can also jam, although it has never happened to me.

Overall: a great gun. I wouldn't settle for anything else. For those who are looking for a gun that will serve you for an eternity, buy a Thompson. For those of you who want something that is accurate but will serve you for
a little less time, for $10 more than the Thompson, the Evolution is a good buy. I'd never play a day without it.

By Max Pitner